Do you sell your products through multiple Print On Demand websites, and/or various vendor sites?

Or perhaps you aren’t selling on these sites just yet but would like this passive income and you’re just unsure of how to direct potential buyers on Instagram once you do.

Would you like to give your followers easy access to purchasing your products through one click links on Instagram posts?

Tying all this together has been a source of frustration for myself and others in our industry. Sure there are plenty of sites that tell you how to set up Instagram shopping, but none are really targeted to our specific obstacles, specifically selling through multiple vendors/POD channels.

Well, I’m hear you tell you that this ebook does just that!

Our guide walks you through linking your Facebook and Instagram business accounts, plus setting up your catalog in order to apply for Instagram shopping.


70% of shoppers use Instagram for product discovery

130 million accounts tap on a shopping post to learn more about products every month

500 million users visit Instagram stories daily

*Stats provided by Facebook

These are all revenue opportunities for your business that are passing you by if you don’t have shopping tags set up.



A “Before You Get Started” (check these off your list to be Instagram shopping eligible)

A guide walking you through adding your products to a Facebook Business Manager catalog for easy tagging.

Bonus Tips:

  • Advertising on Instagram
  • Reading your Instagram post insights
  • Adding a swipe up to your Instagram story without the 10k+ followers, and more!

Download our guide walking you through setting up your accounts and catalog in order apply for Instagram Shopping - start earning passive income by making it easy for your followers to buy your products!

TERMS & GUIDELINES: Read Before Purchase

+ This guide walks you through manual product uploads as this guide targets those that sell through multiple vendors and/or POD sites. (There is an overview section on bulk upload through Shopify).

+ This guide is also of value if you have less than 50 products and sell through a third party site. However, you do not need to sell through multiple vendors to find value in this guide.

+ If you do sell through multiple vendors, you will still need your own website (own the domain) to comply with Instagram's new policy, however, you will not need to sell your products on your site.

+ You must be a product based business. Instagram/Facebook do not provide shopping tag services for digital downloads or services. Please make sure your business complies with Instagram Shopping guidelines before purchasing this product.

+ If you have applied for Instagram Shopping previously and were denied, this ebook cannot help you until your account is cleared for reapplication. Our FREE troubleshooting guide (found on our Resources page) may help you.

+ Instagram is a separate entity and therefore we cannot guarantee that you will be approved for Instagram Shopping. We walk you through the steps of linking your accounts and setting up a catalog in compliance with Instagram Shopping eligibility requirements.

+ No refunds or exchanges as this is a digital download product.

+ This purchase is for ONE individual license and cannot be circulated, resold or reused by others (including but not limited to clients and customers).


Do I need to have a certain amount of followers to apply for Instagram Shopping?

Nope! Instagram does not state a minimum requirement. However, it helps to have genuine followers (not a bunch of bots or "like for like" types)

Can I apply for Instagram shopping if I sell a mix of digital downloads and physical products?

Yes, but in walking you through setting up your catalog you should not add any non-physical products.

Do I need to have my own website even though I do not sell products on there?

To comply with Instagram's new policy, you will need your own website (at least own the domain) however, you will not need to sell your products on your site.

Will this ebook guarantee me approval for Instagram Shopping?

Although we walk you through the steps to link your accounts and setting up your catalog meeting all of the requirements of Instagram Shopping Eligibility, we cannot guarantee an approval as Instagram is a separate entity. 

What if I already applied for Instagram Shopping in the past and was denied?
Sorry to hear that! We ask that you are first cleared for reapplication before following the steps of this ebook. Our FREE troubleshooting guide (found on our Resources page) may help you reset your account for a reapplication status.

What programs/platforms/software do I need to walk through this ebook and set things up?
You will need Instagram and Facebook business accounts. To set up your catalog, you'll be asked to set up your Facebook Business Manager account (this is FREE). And finally, most of your set up needs to be performed on a computer or laptop. Some Instagram steps are best used via the Instgram app on your phone.

What People Are Saying

This ebook was so incredibly helpful and easy to do! I devoted about 30 minutes to do it and was done with it! I thought it was going to take a huge chunk of time to do, but it was so thorough and to the point, I was so surprised at how quick and easy it was. Could not recommend this guide enough. If you're looking to grow your instagram and have a platform to sell your products, but aren't sure how to get there, you need this!

- Hope, @hopebainbridge_art

“I don't sell my products directly on my website so I was confused on how I would market it on Instagram. This guide helped me set up my account and apply for Shopping. It was easy to follow, and I loved the bonus tips!”

- Sara H.



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